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Doeway, is a young contemporary artist in the Western United States. Doeway's inspiration originates through personal experiences in his life, evident when viewing the piece, “Trying to Make It.” Doeway says the piece was born early in his career. “At the time I was trying to gain exposure while developing a unique style but my only resources were books, articles, and artist interviews.”-Doeway.

First recognized at only 14-years old, Doeway created marketing and product images for skateboards, signs, and clothing. He has also designed graphics and performed graffiti art upon request. At just 16, Doeway was featured in the Boise Art Museum.

Using a variety of materials; Ballpoint pen, oil, ceramic, acrylic, ink, gold, sand, lead and other textiles, Doeway creates large detailed pieces on canvas. “I’m frequently asked, ‘why do you use ballpoint pen?’ When I was young, I couldn’t stop drawing, even during school. When I was nine, I started using pen and loved the dark values I was able to create, the challenge of trying to shade with pen, and the permanence of it was appealing because I was tired of opening my notebook and finding my drawings smudged. In high school I recognized the difficulty that drove a lot of artists away from the medium, the unique style I could create, and the strong passion I had for visual expression, and so I became an artist.”-Doeway.

Doeway is inspired daily by individuals who created art in the Renaissance Era as well as modern day exotic car designers. “I’m going to continue to grow and develop my talent without barriers. My advice to any anyone who isn’t sure if they should pursue a career in the arts is to go for it and never stop creating.”-Doeway